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"Regardless of a Name Change to “Neoindians” the Earliest People in the Region Still Remain Caribs and Arawaks"?

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Although a recorded, written history of the islanders who met the Europeans upon their arrival does not exist, we still know quite a bit about the earliest recorded natives on the Caribbean islands. Much of the history of these islanders was recorded by the Spanish explorers and early settlers, with the rest pieced together by the work of anthropologists in more recent years.
I will definitely say that the earliest people were the Arawaks and Caribs to the Caribbean Region. This of course is according to the Europeans/Spaniards from whom the stories of existence of that civilization were derived.
In life we as a people derive an identity, an association, something that’s sets us apart from others, the early settlers to the Caribbean had their bronze skin, their language and their craft and authenticity that made them a well organized society.
It is said that the first settlers to the Caribbean came from central and south America, and they are named by these (3) categories. The Paleo-Indian, the Mesa-Indians and the Neo-Indians. These categories of people established civilizations from as far south as Trinidad to its’ most northern region the Bahamas.

The first settlers came approximately 5000bc and were primitive in their ways; they had a low-keyed diet which consisted of wild berries, seafood and red meat. These Indians the Paleo, were good hunters and fishermen and they cultured their society based on their needs.
The second set of settlers who came to the Caribbean region were more skilled that the first; it is agreed that wisdom comes with age and that applies here in every way as we compare the Paleo-Indian to the Meso-Indians. The Meso –Indians existed in the Caribbean around 500bc.
The third set of early settlers was the neo-Indians, who as a people were more developed, organized and had the makings of a modern day society. They arrived to the Caribbean area around 300bc.These Indians further subdivided themselves into two distinct groups. The...


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