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A Humorous Story

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A Humorous Story
There are a great many of stories happened in my life. Some are excited while others are impressive. Here I want to talk about one of the most humorous stories when I study in Shandong University.
It was the first year when I study in the university. The weather was a little cold in the morning. So we used to sleep late in the morning until about 20 minutes left for the first class in the morning. We were going to get up reluctantly that morning suddenly the monitor in the next room shouting to us the first two chemistry classes were canceled. Cheer up-then we continued our sleep.
About 30 minute later the call rang. Nobody went to answer the phone and we just continued the good dreams of ourselves. But the phone rang again and again. The gay in the lower berth had to go to answer it. It was the teacher that calls us to get up for the class. We were nervous about the two totally different notices. Then the guy went to the dormitory next door finding nobody in the room. We felt something was wrong the hurried up for the classroom.
We found everyone were siting there except for the six guys in my dormitory. When we walking into the classroom both of them laughing greatly. We were confused again. After we sate the teacher explained the all things. Today is 1st April- April Fool's Day! The monitor also called him that today’s class were canceled at first but when he found all the teacher in his office went to class he called the Office of Academic Affairs confirmed there was no notice about the canceled class. We all had been fooled by the monitor. Both of us laughed even more greatly.
The first April Fool’s Day in my university life we were fooled totally. It was one of the most interesting days that I spend in my life and I will remember it forever.


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