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Brick Lane & Apocalypse Now.

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Brick Lane and Apocalypse Now

Brick lane and Apocalypse Now, both show culture. The word culture means, the customs and traditions of a group of people. This essay will describe the similarities and differences between the two film trailers. The areas that will be described are camera angle, lighting, script, sound and mise en scene. And then, to explore whether the cultures are presented in a positive or negative way.

In Brick Lane the camera angles are mainly close up’s of their faces, and then the camera turns to follow her as she is running up the street. The effect of close up shots is so that you can see the emotion and expression in the characters faces. In Apocalypse Now the camera angles are close ups, bird eye views and extreme close ups of their faces. The effect of this is that it emphasizes the size and destruction of the matter.

The lighting in Brick Lane starts of very light, in mid-day, then it moves to a different scene and it gets lighter. This effects the audience as it shows how things go from good to bad. The only lighting in Apocalypse Now is very dark. The only light is coming from the water; these are from explosions, and flares. The effect of this is that the audience are shown how the Americans are very aggressive to the Vietnamese.

In Brick Lane the script is very loud, they have a family discussion about moving away, and then they have an argument. This effects the audience by showing how moving away from your home country can be very stressing and lead to arguments. The script in Apocalypse Now is very calm to start with then it gets louder, you can hear screaming in the background, and loads of soldiers shouting commands. This effect shows the audience that the film focuses on war and the chaos that is going on around them.

The sound in Brick Lane is mainly non diegetic; the only diegetic sound you hear is the talking in the background and doors closing. This effects the audience by showing what is around them and...


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