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China Environmental Issues

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China environmental issues

In China, environment is disastrous and getting worst each year. This powerful country is now the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide, surpassing the United States.

Because of its rapid industrial development, the water, air and land are much polluted in China. First, almost all rivers are polluted and ninety percent of urban water is severely polluted.

Another important problem in China is the air pollution. The air of two-third of the cities is considered moderately or severely polluted. Then, respiratory problems are the cause of 750,000 deaths each year and about 30 % of the area of China is victim of acid rain. Also, in 108 cities, there is the annual «no car day» that ban half of the cars on the streets because, with the 2008 Olympics, a city like Beijing will need to reduce its air pollution.

Also, because of its rapid industrialization and hydro-electricity, around 30 % of the territory is desert. For example, the Gobi desert expands by about 950 square miles each year and other vast plains are also victim of this problem.

To conclude, China is one of the most polluted and the most polluting country on earth, To resolve this problem, with the Kyoto protocol and all the environment movements, China will need to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and to many things to change the   country. However, we think that China hasn’t finished its industrialization and it’s going to be worse in the next few years.


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