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Kes by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach

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The play of ‘Kes’ by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach

The play of ‘Kes’ was written by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach. Kes is a story of a young boy named, Billy Casper. He had a lot of problems with his family and school, and his only friend was Kes, the kestrel, which he cherished.
They play is about Billy Casper and how poor his life is. His mother and brother, Jud weren’t really that nice to him and treated him quite badly. His school wasn’t much better for him, because sometimes he got picked on and almost every day he got the cane. Billy’s bird was the only thing he loved. He took all his time to read books about how to train it.
In scenes 1-4 of the play Billy didn’t have a good relationship with anyone he knew. His mother neglected him in a way. She was never there for him, never made him any food and made him fend for himself. His brother, Jud always made him do things for him, like putting on bets at the bookies. He was always nasty to him and every weekend Jud came in home very drunk and that’s when Billy got his revenge by calling him nasty names and doing nasty things to him, and Jud couldn’t do anything about it because he was too drunk. Billy’s school didn’t work out too well for him either. He got sent to the headmaster’s office almost every day because he would doze off during assembly and lose concentration in class. Because of this he would get the cane. His class mates also didn’t get on with him. They bullied him because of the way he looked, which was small, scruffy, skinny, ugly and because he was poor. They also made fun of his mother and brother because they were also poor and scruffy. The milkman and one of his teachers were the only people who felt sorry for him and liked him. The milkman offered him lifts in his milk float when Billy had to deliver his newspapers. The teacher was interested in his bird, and went to watch when Billy was training it. I think Billy definitely does not have a good life, because his family don’t love him...


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