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Career Choices

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When I was younger, I had a bunch of different ideas as to what I wanted my career to be. My first love was art, and for my age, I was an excellent artist. I only got better as I got older...until I began to write. Writing took me into a different world, where I could put my creativity to great use and have fun doing it. As I got older, however, I grew lazier, and writing seemed to become too big of a struggle for me, although I remained good at it. I began to explore new things, with the help of my parents this time. My true calling turned out to be music, as I and others discovered that I had an amazing talent for singing. I stuck with it throughout middle and high school, and I am now a Music major at Middlesex County College, hoping to transfer into a prominent music school by next fall. Nevertheless, I do have other plans in case the music career doesn't work out for me.

Of course, my main career choice is to become a musician. I love to sing, especially in front of large groups of people. Being on stage is one of my favorite things to do, entertaining a large audience. However, I do understand that any career in music is hard to have, which is why I plan to study in New York, where the music scene is very unique and diverse. I'm not saying it's easy to achieve stardom if you're a musician in New York - sometimes it could even be harder - but the fact that New York is so cultural and diverse gives me a better chance of finding gigs or anything else that can allow me to use my musical talents. Along with singing, I also write my own songs and I've written maybe 1 or 2 songs for other singers. So if singing doesn't work out for me for some reason, I wouldn't mind being a songwriter either.

Another career I would love to pursue is photography. I love to take photos, although I don't do it often. Yet whenever I have a camera in my hands, I take advantage of the opportunity and capture anything I see, from the smallest detail to the most obvious thing in the...


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