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|MON (Nov-22)                     |After finishing school at 6pm. I arrived to gym at 6:20pm, I spent 1 hour in gym. Then I arrived home about 8:30. After eating my super, I started sitting in my   |
|                                 |desk at 9pm. I pulled out tasks to do for the following day classes. At 10:30pm I finished all my Tuesday tasks. I tried to stay 30 minutes more before going to   |
|                                 |bed for some reading assignments for my cinema class.                                                                                                             |
|TUES (Nov-23)                     |Today I got only 1 class started from 11am to 1pm. I got long hours for the rest of the day. I decided to spend more hours in gym to accomplish my fitness goal. I|
|                                 |left gym at 3:30pm and arrived home at 5pm. After super, I decided to relax myself by browsing the internet. Then I reviewed my English text book for English quiz|
|                                 |on Thursday. I went to bed early at 9pm.                                                                                                                           |
|WED (Nov-24)                     |I got no class today. I decided to meet up with my friends. I went back home at 6pm. At 7:30pm I started to rewrite the assignment for my cinema class. I got a   |
|                                 |hard time to deal with it. So it took me 2 hours to complete. Afterward I felt sleepy. And I went to bed.                                                         |
|THURS (Nov-25)                   |I got up at 7am and jogged around my area for 1 hour in cold weather. About 10am, I sat in my desk and tried to do some reading papers for my physical class final|
|                                 |exam. I left my house around 1pm for an appointment with my dentist. I stayed outside until 6pm. Then I felt like pass by my friend’s house for fun. I got home at|...


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