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Marketing Plan for Guitar Hero Brand

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Marketing Plan for Guitar Hero Brand

Executive Summary
      Marketing plan plays a crucial role to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Guitar Hero brand works in music video game category of entertainment industry. To successfully establish business in particular market, it is important for an organization to analyze current situation and trends of particular market or industry. Display themes and performance of the brand are good. Currently, Guitar Hero brand is facing issues related to revenue share and interface and customer perception. For successfully running the business in Turkey, issues or problems are identified by the firm. Brand awareness, customer base, sale, profitability, customer satisfaction etc are covered in the objectives. Market development is selected as a marketing strategy for the firm to achieve its goals and objectives. Diversification strategy is selected as a part of contingency plan. Skilled Human resources are also selected for the marketing plan. Action plan, controls and profit and loss statement are also developed for the marketing plan of Guitar Hero Brand.

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Current Situation and Trends 4
Performance Review 5
Key Issues 6
Objectives 7
Marketing Strategy 8
Action Plan 10
Profit and Loss Statement 11
Controls 11
Contingency Plan 12
Sources 13
References 14


      Marketing plan plays a vital role in implementing goals into actions (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). Nowadays, entertainment industry is experiencing various trends and issues. This marketing plan will be developed for Guitar Hero Brand that is a brand of Guitar Hero (About Guitar Hero, 2010). It will cover various steps like situation and trends analysis, performance review, key issues, objectives, action plan, profit and loss statement, controls, contingency and sources.

Current Situation and Trends

      Guitar Hero brand is a music video game. In current...


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