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Growing Up

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As I was growing up, life was easy but also it was hard. Every time I did something. Someone had to comment about it. The one thing that my elders taught me was when you do something even if it’s good or bad. Someone has to say something about it. The older I became, the more I learned about life. I started to adapt to my surroundings and I started thinking out of the box. The more education I learned the wiser I became. Even with the knowledge of a young man.
Well to me one event that had shape my life was attending church every second and fourth Sunday. If I was to count the how many times I’ve been to church from the past till now. I would be counting for a long time. Church is like one of my favorite place to be. I learned a lot of thing from the people that attend church even from the bible. My pastor always told me that “people will always smile in your face, but that doesn’t mean that they like you.”   He also said that “time is winding up. Only god knows your number and he can call it anytime. So make sure that your house is in order”. As I sit down in church on the choir. I learned that people will act like they serve the lord or that they live by the bible, But as soon as they get out of the church. They turn to a whole different soul.


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