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The World of Team Sports

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Danielle Zaremba
Professor Murphey
EN 201.2
November 14, 2010
The World of Team Sports
“Please Welcome to the Stage Number 297, Devil in the Blue Dress!” the announcer yells.   There is no turning back. The sound of the audience cheering and hearing my friends yelling my name is all I need. I feel my posture perk up and a humongous grin stretch across my face. I am in it to win it and all eyes are on me. Facing backwards, we wait for the music to start, and as it begins I turn around and feel on top of the world.   I do not know if dance gave me the confidence to walk up on the stage in front of hundreds of people, or if I was always meant to do it.   At most high schools, it is very rare to find the socially confident kid to not do a sport of some sort.   I was a stereo typical high school popular girl, despite my busy life.   I was on the varsity track team since freshman year, as well as competitive dancer, and my boyfriend is and was the captain of the varsity football team.   One day a girl came up to me in the bathroom and asked me advice on how to deal with her friends, and her almost exact words were, “Excuse me Danielle, since you are popular and all, can I ask you for some advice?”   I certainly was flattered, but I had no answers for her.   I never was a fake person in high school; I was who I was and had the friends I had by being myself.   Participating in sports helps young people develop leadership skills and confidence that others are drawn too.   Parents should involve their kids in organized sports through high school.   The physical and mental benefits, especially for girls, are too good to pass up.
Sports create leaders, children learn to be social and strong, and are taught skills that allow them to better handle winning and losing.   Without good sportsmanship, it ruins all of the fun.   Team sports allow children to learn that in order to function in a group, there must be rules to succeed.   They learn to work together to accomplish a common...


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