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Catching Your Kid Playing "Doctor"

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“Catching” Your Kid Playing Doctor
In the article “Catching” Your Kid Playing Doctor by Marty Klein, PhD a distressed and confused mother approaches her doctor with what she views as a very serious matter. Asking Dr. Klein for advice she says she “caught” her five-year-old daughter playing doctor with her pal Jenny. Dr. Klein asking a few more generic and basic questions such as: How old is Jenny? Did it appear friendly or coercive? If any large objects were inserted anywhere, causing the mother to quickly grow impatient and burst in with her thoughts of “relevant” information. The door was closed, they jumped when I walked in, and they looked guilty. These were only a few of the statements she brought up.
The mother although clearly uncomfortable with the matter claims she thinks they were “playing with each other”. Dr. Klein reassures the mother he is in understanding and then mentions that the mother seems very upset about the situation. After the mother exclaims the kids are too young for this type of behavior the doctor then attempts to explain that five is the normal age in which kids begin to discover the game of doctor.
“At this point I’m accused of being snarky. Worse, mom calls me one of those liberal sex therapists who probably thinks I’m just a prude.” (Klein)   In attempt to defend that he is a professional overall he explains that this a normal stage in the sexual development of a child. Only to be rudely interrupted once again by the exclamation that her daughter is yet too young. With the factor of “young” being right on schedule Klein then states that this is just a stepping stone in the sexual development of a child, and making a big deal and banning her daughter from seeing her friend anymore will only cause her to push away and avoid her mother when questions and other sexual explorations come in life. Now with the reality of the doctor’s true professional intensions the mother is now approached with a book: It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie...


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