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If I Had Never Moved

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Moving to a new house can mean a lot of things. Of course, it means a few obvious things, like a new room and a new neighborhood. For me, however, it meant a new school, new friends, and starting your social life all over again.
When I was in the 7th grade, I was a student at Cesar Chavez Middle School. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I had moved that year to a new home a good distance away from my school. I only continued to attend CCMS because my parents thought it was a suitable school for me and my younger sister. After my 7th grade year completed, however, the school somehow found out that we had moved out of the acceptable range and notified my parents that my sister and I would be unable to attend the following year. My parents talked to the principal and almost begged to let us stay, but they were told that there was no alternative to switching schools. We were simply too far away.
As I result of the School District putting its foot down, my sister and I were enrolled at University Middle School. I lost all of my closest friends, my favorite teachers, and my spot in the advanced classes I was taking. I made very few new friends in the one year I had left of middle school. I felt like a stranger amongst strangers. I had nobody to talk to, and no one to help me adjust. I was alienated, sitting by myself everywhere I went. I even dreaded lunch; eating is as boring as being in class if you don’t have people to chat with. People would make comments in class about how they didn’t like me solely because I was a new face. I was bullied and occasionally accosted by other students because I wouldn’t reply to their sarcastic questions and snide remarks. I tried to keep to myself, mostly by reading quietly whenever I could, or focusing on my class work. At CCMS, I was well ahead of my peers. I had even managed to take Algebra 1 in my 7th grade year, but because of my new home, I was now in what I considered to be very rudimentary classes. If I hadn’t moved, I...


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