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Land and Sea Explorers of Australia (Comparison

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For many thousands of years, men had always wondered about the existence of Terra Australis Incognita, ‘the southern unknown land’. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, great men like Ptolemy and Aristotle had described the possible of a southern continent while in the fourteenth century Marco Polo, a great explorer recorded about a great and rich unknown   southern land now known as Australia in his journal. Since then expedition had been set out by Sea Explorer to the southern regions of the world. After the colonization of Australia, in the early 19th century, expedition was made to discover the mysteries in the interior of Australia. On the surface, both of the sea and land explorer are different in term of the reasons of exploration, problems and suffering encounter during expedition and contributions to the building of Australian as a great nation however, in spite of these differences, these two apparently opposite type of explorers also shared several similarities in these aspects.
All expeditions set out by sea and land explorers had its own purposes it be an order from the government, organization or individual purposes. In the Age of Discovery, powerful European countries like France, Holland and Britain all raced to build a great colonial empire thus, sea explorers were sent by the government to find new lands to colonies whereas the land explorer were sent by the government to find new lands for settlement as Australian colonial settlement was rapidly expanding on the coast due to the increasing arrival of free settler who wanted to establish their properties on their own plot of land. Sea and Land explorer’s purpose were dissimilar in that land explorer like Gregory Blaxland intended to find new grazing land for sheep as wool industry dominated Australian’s economy while sea explorers like the Dutch explorers set out to trade and find natural resources like gold and iron ore due to the broke out of industrial revolution in Europe. Meanwhile, sea...


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