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Frey, Katy
Honors English I
Mrs. Kane
13 May 2010
A Fantastic Voyage
      A road stretched out for miles, with nothing but open vastness on both sides. The destination: San Francisco, California. The drive had already been 11 days and the expected arrival date was in two days. The cross country trip was almost half over.
      For years, the Frey girls had been planning their cross country trip. After Katy’s 21st birthday they were going to pack up and leave! The trip was expected to take a month; however there were no limitations on the length of the endeavor. Several tourism points were put on the ever growing list of places to visit, such as Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, and the famous Las Vegas. In general there was no set course so the girls were free to roam as they pleased; they drove for as long as they wanted and stopped at any place that seemed intriguing.
      The Grand Canyon was by far the most unreal experience. After planning on attending medical school in the fall, Katy was ready to see the States and was psyched for the expedition. Even though she had seen many mountains before, her breath was taken away by this site. The only way she could describe it was that it looked like an upside-down mountain, which stretched for thousands of miles. The town of all purple houses seemed to have a very similar effect on the girls too!
      For the half-way mark of their extraordinary expedition, the Freys had planned on spending a few days in San Francisco, California, visiting an old family friend. After just leaving Nevada’s one and only Las Vegas, $40,000 richer, the girls could not wait to hit the beach. They had been stuck inland for almost two whole weeks and they could hear the ocean calling their name. Luckily, San Francisco was not far from the boring desert scenery that they were temporarily stuck in.
      On the way home, the first planned stop was Emporia, Kansas. Friends owned a farm there and were expecting the girls for a few...


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