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Noe Ortiz
Ford’s Sales Continue To Rise
This article is about how Ford Motors makes an impressing 18% increase in their October sales.   The increase of sales is resulting from the consistent increase of quality and reliability. In the 2011 consumer reports study 90% of Fords vehicles tested above average. Now Ford is ranking 5Th among all the vehicle brands and 1st in the non-luxury brand category.   Ford has now been dramatically increasing in the ranks of all the car makes trying to eventually rise its way to the top.   The Ford Fiesta really shined with its car sales. It had its best sales this month selling 3,846 units. The Ford Fusion also greatly contributed to Ford’s high rate of improvement in car sales. Once of Fords most famous cars, the Mustang also had an 11% increase in sales. Ford’s F-Series trucks has become the industries first product to pass the 400,000 sales mark in 2010. The way Ford’s car sales is increasing makes it seem as if the economy wasn’t doing bad at all.
With the rate that the sales rate of Ford is going it looks like there are many positive things to be coming their way. Right now is a great time to invest in stocks with Ford because prices aren’t too high and after the research I did it looks like things are only going to keep getting better from here on out. That means you will make a high profit if you invest. As things are getting better for Ford, the two other American automakers seem to keep moving downward in profits and sales. A lot have people have been choosing Ford over Chevy, Chrysler, and Dodge. One reason is because of the major bail outs taken by Chrysler and GM Motors.

Noe Ortiz
Disney Channel is a Major Part of Disney Stock
In this article u will read about how Disney Channel (Program mainly targeted for a younger audience), which is owned by Disney, makes up 7% of Disney’s stock. Disney Channel is a great contribute to Disney because of how many viewers it has and its popularity. Disney Channel...


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