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Rapid Application Development

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What is Prototyping and RAD and in particular how does it contrast to a standard SDLC, and what are the issues / impact on the invitation to tender process, (consider impact on outsourcing as well).


Systems Development Life Cycle 3
Rapid Application Development 4
Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) 4
Time Boxing 5
Prototype 5
Advantages of Prototype 6
Disadvantages of Prototype 6
Recommendation 7
Issues/ Impact on the Invitation to Tender Process. 7

Systems Development Life Cycle

The Systems Development Life cycle (SDLC) is also sometimes referred to as the waterfall model. The SDLC is based on the lifecycle that is undergone in building information systems, and organised around a sequence of phases and deliverables on building an information system.   The following are the phases and what is expected at each stage.
A preliminary investigation is launched at this phase. At this stage, the reason for building an information system is established. Building an IS might be a solution to a problem or a business strategy to gain competitive advantage.
Feasibility Study
The organisation has now decided on the new system to put in place, a feasibility study is conducted to decide if the project should go ahead or not.
Requirements Analysis
Requirements needed for the system is gathered at this phase, this is to ensure the information system meets the intended results, also
System Design
The gathered requirement is now transformed into hardware and software with related documents that accomplish the required functions. This stage really assures that the system features really solves the problem of the organization.
System Build
It is the process of transforming general system requirements into hardware and software and related documents that accomplish the required functions. The key goal is assuring that system features really solve problems the users want...


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