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Guide linesKhanqah Imdadia Ashrafia



Special Guidelines for those performing Hajj and Umrah
From the noble utterances of our Shaikh and Mentor, Arif Billah Hazrat‐e‐Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab ( )

1. One should safe guard one’s gaze. In other words do not look at any man or woman with lustful gazes. People from all around the world are present at the Holy Sanctuaries of the Harmain Sharifain. Therefore, one should always be alert and on one’s guard not to glance at any ghair‐mahram even from the corner of one’s eyes. While leaving home, one should leave with this firm intension that, “I will not cast evil glances at anyone”. Over and over again one should renew this intension in one’s heart or else the Nafs will involve one in casting evil glances. 2. One should safeguard one’s heart. Meaning one should not entertain evil thoughts in the heart. Neither should one derive unlawful pleasure from fantasizing about unlawful beauties. Similarly, one should not recall and reminisce past sins and derive pleasure there from. If, however, evil thoughts do come into the heart and mind then one should remember one important point: IF THOUGHTS COME ON THEIR OWN, THEN THERE IS NO SIN IN THIS, HOWEVER, IF ONE INTENTIONALLY FANTACIZES AND BRING EVIL THOUGHT INTO THE HEART THEN THIS IS A SIN. OCCUPYING ONE SELF IN EVIL THOUGHTS AND FANTACIES IS A SIN. 3. Physically, one should not come close to ghair‐mahram or handsome young lads (such lads who are beardless and one is sexually attracted to them). 4. One should abstain from unnecessary conversation. Bust oneself with useful and beneficial activities such as Tawaaf, Tilawat, Durood Shareef. If one feel tired them one should look at the Ka’aba Shareef. (This is also an ibaadat and means of attaining spiritual reward) 5. One should not debate over controversial issues neither should one get in unnecessary arguments. 6. During Tawaaf one should not look at the Ka’aba Shareef....


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