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Modern Family

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The TV show that I chose to analyze the gender roles of the characters was “Modern Family”. I had never seen this show before so I decided to start with episode 1 called “Pilot”. In this show there are three families that are portrayed, all which are related to each other in some manner. Jay is an older man married to Gloria, a Hispanic much younger woman with the biggest difference in their relationship being their age. Claire and Phil are another couple with two girls one being a teenager and another much younger and closer to the age of their son. Mitchell and Cameron are the last couple portrayed; they are a gay couple who recently adopted a baby girl from Vietnam.
      In the opening scene Claire the mother of three is, performing the stereotypical house mom chore, cooking. In almost every scene in this episode Claire is seen doing some type of household activity. Claire is portrayed as the house mom that enforces all the rules and does all the cleaning, cooking and washing of clothes. Claire’s teenage daughter has a boyfriend visiting the house for the first time and Claire being the only parent that enforces the rules, seems very unsure of the boy in her house. Gloria on the other hand is a Columbian native that moved here with her son and is now married to an older man. Gloria seems to be viewed as the “gold digger”.   In one scene she is at her sons soccer games and is one of few if not the only parent yelling, this being a stereotype because of her Hispanic heritage.
      As for the male roles we have Jay, Mitchell and Phil that I would like to analyze. Jay is and older male recently married to Gloria, the young Columbian native. Jay is mistaken as her father or the grandfather of her son at the soccer game. Jay also is very insecure about his son’s sexuality. Jay plays the “my son will not be gay” stereotype. Mitchell, Jay’s gay son has recently adopted a baby girl from Vietnam. Mitchell is very skeptical about introducing his new daughter to his...


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