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Compare and Countrast City vs Country Living

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City living or Country

The day was an early autumn afternoon, the sun beaming and a cool breeze blowing in the air. The trees glowing bright orange and red, the grass colored green with leaves laid sporadically throughout. It’s one of those perfect days to lie in a hammock and rejoice about the simple times summer brought and the fine times due to come with autumn and winter. Rural living brings so much color and the slow life, while city living brings busyness and the lights and sounds of the city.   Though each has similarities, the two will bring completely different experiences.
The rural life, peaceful afternoons on the porch, evenings lying in bed with the windows open, listening to the birds and crickets sing their songs. Country living brings privacy and solitude, a life lacking busy streets and many neighbors. Since there are no neighbors, windows are left open and curtains drawn to let in light and not having a worry about peeping eyes. One brisk morning or during summer nights, pajamas adorn the country resident on the front porch.
Rural living is spacious. Summers bring gardens full of fresh fruit and vegetables. The country allows adequate area for dogs to play, without leashes and fences. Children always enjoy the open space to run and explore. The country does have disadvantages, the trip to the local market may take a day, thus meals require advance planning to avoid dashes to the closets convenience store. The trip to town for activities becomes an adventure when cows block the road and snow covers the streets. Even the enjoyable walk with a friend requires planning and a trip into town.
City livings brings different experiences and complete change to country living. The sound of birds, replaced with horns of vehicles and the chatter of the streets. The flashing lights replace the stars and the moon. The brisk breeze and the warming sun get drowned out through the smog and the tall buildings. The sound of slamming doors and screaming...


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