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Is Technology in Schools Beneficial?

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In this day and age- the century of rapid technological growth unmatched by other
generations-technology   can be viewed in a multitude of ways. Some claim that
technology has educational benefits, yet others believe this is simply a paradox and that
technology creates more problems than it diminishes. Although technology allows
children to connect to others with less ease, its negatives still overweigh its
positives. Before adapting completely to the new world of technology, schools must
consider the negative side of technology , including the useless ability   to develop a lack
of skill and lack of imagination, before being brainwashed by the widespread of
technology in school curriculum.

Schools must regard the fact that although technology is the “modern” way of
learning, a deficiency of valuable life skills is formed due to the ignorance and
unproductively   formed by technological advancements. As a result of technology many
children have actually grown less intelligent and less cultured. According to David
Gelernter, “our skill free children are overwhelmed by information even without
internet”(Source E).Just because students have the opportunity to utilize technology does
not mean that it is beneficial. Gelernter picks at the irony in Clinton’s argument that  
technology can give students unlimited access to the world-this would be information
overload. As a result if schools rely merely on technological advancements in their
curriculum, then they will fall behind due to the lack of skills and focus. At least  
textbooks provide students to develop reading skills and focus abilities.

Schools must ignore the new flood of technology because new technology has
been known to distract students, causing the lack of imagination. In source C, Esther
Dyson believes that the rise of technology in school curriculum is not necessarily a good
thing, but that it is a significant “social problem”. He argues that today’s...


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