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A Drug to Cure

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Ron Kapaku
Mr. Derek Snyder
English 210
7 November 2010

A drug to cure
People associate marijuana as a drug that you buy on the street that causes harm to society. In the past decade many states have found that Marijuana can be extremely useful as a medicinal remedy. Throughout the process there has been much debate on how this medicinal plant can also be a cure to our struggling economy. Marijuana would be a million dollar industry for the State of Hawaii and it would also cut out the amount of lost revenue that drug dealers take when they sell it on the streets. The legalization would create jobs in agricultural production as well as create dispensaries to help distribute the product to help with Hawaii’s unemployment problem.
Hawaii today has a struggling economy with high unemployment, wage cuts, Furlough Fridays, and layoffs. Marijuana would help bring in the money needed to help the state crawl out of its financial woes to avoid all the fore mention problems we have today. We need to come to the realization that diversification is the only way to survive in the world today whether it is private or government sectored. Being stagnate and relying on our laurels have gotten us in the position we are today. Marijuana quite possibly is the solution to all of our economic problems.
It is no secret that in the State of Hawaii our driving force for state revenue is tourism. With the closure of many agricultural business including dairy farms, egg farms, pineapple companies, and an overall cut in sugar production, we have come to rely more and more on tourism to carry us. Hawaii has always been at its best when tourism was accompanied by agricultural. In the past we relied heavily on dairy products, canned and fresh fruits, small amounts of vegetables, and floral arrangements to carry our agricultural revenue but today we have seen massive shutdowns in canned fruit productions, closure of almost all dairy farms and egg farms, and a severe cut in sugar...


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