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This I Believe, Beth Ebersbaker

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Beth Ebersbaker, author of the article "This I Believe", Bridging the Gap pg. 430 gives the reader her ideas and personal experience with decision making.  Her purpose is to show that although the decisions we make aren’t always the best ones, we must learn from them to make better decisions.   She gives examples of setbacks she had in her life and the decisions she made to have her life turn towards a positive track once again.  She talks of her first college experience where she did poorly and was greatly discouraged.  She subsequently took a job bar tending and was in a personal relationship with a man that was not a good influence on her, but instead brought her down.  She came to a point where she dropped out of school and she yearned for "poetry, danger, goodness and sin". After stepping back and looking at where her life was going she made the difficult decision to call her mother and ask her if she could come back home.  Her mother welcomed her with tears of joy.
She then saw how important it was that she gets this second chance and decided to go back to school and committed to do well.  She made the Dean's list and graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in education.  She then went on to teach high school for nine years, but always tried to hold true to the lessons she learned about second chances, and pass that on to her students.
At the end of her article she gives another example of a difficult choice she was faced with.  She loved her teaching career, but it was taking a toll on her time.  She wasn't able to be with her husband and children as much as she felt was necessary.  She decides to stop teaching and commence a freelance writing career.
Similarly I believe we all must make decisions such as this at some point in our lives.  There is always a risk of failure, uncertainty, but the most positive thing is not feeling regret by not taking a chance on following your dream. 
I don't see any clear bias or prejudice in Ms. Ebersbaker's writing....


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