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1/ Should we ban the keeping animals in zoo
Today, I’m going to present about keeping animals in zoo. Let’s me divide my talk into 2 main parts: advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoo. It takes you about 5 minutes. So, if you have any questions, please save them at the end of my talk. I’ll be very glad to answer all of them.
 The first thing I want to tell you is the benefits of bringing up animals in cages. As you know, they don’t have to hunt to find food, just stay a place and enjoy food which people give. Without any energy, they are still full all day. Moreover, their health is also cared. If they get sick or any other diseases, they will be treated immediately. And they aren’t be threatened by other dangerous animals. And people can help them to maintain their race. So, it’s convenient for wild animals to live in cages. According to a survey, some kind of wild animals do well in captivity. Let’s take grizzly bear as an example. That bear travel about 1.5 km a day and need only 0.5 square km to live. Especially, the infant mortality rate is 0 percent. In the other word, Grizzly bear live in captivity better than in wild.
 However, not all of wild animals can do well in cages. Grizzly bear is one of minority. Whatever the good intentions of zoo-keepers, animals in zoos suffer. They don’t have enough space to live, lack of freedom. In addition, keeping animals for long time can disappear their instincts such as hunting, watchfulness, self-resistance and so on. Most of animals do bad in cages. More seriously, if we continue to keep them in captivity, we also encourage poor treatment of animals more generally. Polar bear is the best example. They travel 8.8 km a day and need minimum 1200 square km to live. That is a huge number, right? And the infant mortality rate is 65%. Therefore, we shouldn’t keep them in cages.
 The final thing I hope you to concern is that: each kind of animals have different habitats. Some species do well in captivity...


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