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Values and Ethics

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Relationship of Values and Ethics on Career Success

Edward Delmundo, Aaron Cullor, Jaden Morgan

Gen 200

November 22, 2010
Dr. Brant Choate

Relationship of Values and Ethics on Career Success

      The professional values and ethics of an individual has a significant influence on their overall career success.   In the following document, we will discuss the relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success by defining individual values and ethics, describing their influence on career success, and providing specific examples.
Defining Values and Ethics
      Defining values and ethics, we would have to consider each word individually as well as together, and identify how to perceive each term as it pertains to professionalism and career success. At its most basic, values are our standards and principles for judging worth. Ethics is deciding what is right or wrong in a particular situation in order to help guide our actions (Dictionary.com, 2006). They are the criteria by which we judge things, people, ideas and situations to be good, desirable or on the other hand, bad or unwanted.   Some decisions can land somewhere in between these extremes. We may apply our values consciously or they may function unconsciously. Three sources of professional values and ethics include but are not limited to organizational values and codes of conduct, societal expectations, and individual beliefs and backgrounds. There are many sources that people can find help on setting ones’ values and ethics (FDU, 2010).
The Influence of Professional Values and Ethics on Career Success
Professional values and ethics influence every action and guide the individual’s everyday behavior in obtaining career success. Each of us creates, establish, and set our definition of career success throughout life with the level of attainment determined by our decision-making process and actions.   Values provide us with a guideline and our ethics steers the direction so that...


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