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Anabolic Steroids

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Discharge Summary
Client:___________Angel Crider_______________________________
Case Manager: _____Tameka Truitt_____________________________
County of Admission:___Troup___________________________
Date of Admission:___August 21, 2009_____________________________
Date of Discharge: ___December 17, 2009_____________________________
Reason for referral (presenting condition):
Angel Crider's case was transferred to this writer on August 21, 2009.   Client was initially referred to Sirretha Maxwell on March 23, 2009.   The case was originally open to address issues regarding domestic violence, parenting, finance management, employment, and stable housing.
Name of the Service Provided: ___Parent Aide______________________________________________
Description of Services Provided:        
Since this writer began working with Angel in August, this writer continued to follow through with the goals which were previously being addressed.   Angel appeared to have been actively involved with her former Parent Aide Educator, and it appeared she had made significant progress.   The following goals were identified for Angel:   1) Budgeting and Finance Management-Angel was challenged to create a budget for herself based on her current income.   She was not allowed to make any new purchases or loans without discussing her decision with this writer.   Angel was also challenged to make all of her monthly payments on time to avoid unnecessary late fees.   2) Domestic Violence- Angel would refrain from having any form of contact with her former boyfriend, Carlos.   Carlos was reportedly very abusive to Angel, which also impacted her children.   3)   Stable Housing- Angel will remain in her current home for at last 6 months before relocating.     4) Employment- Angel will maintain her current job.   5)   Complete Substance Abuse Classes- Angel was court ordered to complete substance abuse classes due to a past history of substance abuse.   6)   Effective Parenting- Angel reported some...


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