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Allegory English 12-Narcissistic King

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Tamara McKnight
Mrs. Price
English 12
September 26, 2010

The Narcissistic King
In a small village in China, there lived a King whose name was Tyler. He was the ruler of the village and he lived in a huge palace. The village, however, was very poor and they were beginning to run out of food to eat. Since Tyler was the ruler, he was able to obtain food from other parts of the world whenever he couldn’t get food locally. No one in the village knew that he was bringing food from other countries to his palace but a chubby village woman named Felicity. She had witnessed one of his servants getting the large quantities of food off of a big truck. It seemed as if Tyler had everything he wanted… except happiness.
Felicity and her family were starting to get sick due to a lack of nourishment. She decided to confront Tyler about all of the food he was keeping from everyone in the village. Once she arrived at his palace, she approached him with a very serious attitude.
“I know about all of the food that you have here,” she said through her dry lips.
“I know that you should tend to your own business,” he said back with a malevolent attitude. “What goes on in my palace is none of your concern, when all of you die off, I will have this whole village to myself” he went on.
“Please, I’m begging you. The whole village is starving. You call yourself a ruler but you are being very self-centered,” Felicity said with tears falling from her face.
“Take her away,” he yelled, and the guards snatched her away.
“You’ll be sorry,” she screamed as they threw her out of the palace and onto the street.
Felicity wiped her face and headed home to her family. She did not tell her family about what King Tyler had done because she did not want them to blow things out of proportion. She returned home with a smile on her face so that her family would not know what had happened. Ultimately, Felicity made the decision of telling her family and everyone in the village what was...


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