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Popular Superstitions

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Popular Superstitions
      In ancient times man used to belive in superstitions.
Modern age is an age of science and science means facts and does not depend on hopes and superstitions. Yet some people stick to them. Even today people consider the wailing of dog a bad omen. They think that if the dog wails, it is considered the sign of approaching death at some one’s door.
                              Similarly, if someone is going out on a particular mission, a cat crosses the road, it is also considered a bad omen. It means that the man will not get success in his mission. The same case is with the sneezing. It is believed that sneezing at the time of someone’s departure on his mission brings bad luck. In the same way the hooting of an owl at night is considered that some evil happening is giong to take place. It is also said that while going on a mission, one should not meet a Brahamin but if someone comes across a dead body, it is considered a good omen.
                      Some people start their journey according to their stars. People still believe that if a crow caws on the roof wall of your house at day dawn, it means some guest is coming in the house. Politicians still file their nomination papers on the basis of their stars. People still do not tighten the ropes of their bed at night because it is believed that if he does so, he will be blessed by daughters and not a single son.
                    Some crimes are also committed in the name of superstitions. Due to superstitious beliefs, child sacrifices are made by some people. They think that God or goddess will be pleased at it. They also think that whenever the ghosts become angry, human sacrifice should be made to please them. Still superstitions have their own charm in life.


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