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Consequence of Human Desire: Scarlet Letter

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Consequence of human desire during the puritan society
              Puritan Society does not give opportunities to express human feelings and their emotions. They only ask to follow life based on God. These restrictions make characters to seek alternate means in order to relieve themselves through their strong desires. In the Scarlet Letter each of the characters has to go through with the inner struggle between responsibility in the society and strong passion inside of their hearts. Hawthorne’s vivid detail of symbolism portrays consequences of corrupted human desire from three main characters’ inner struggles in the puritan society.
            Hester Prynne, a puritan believer who was forced to marry with a man she does not love, receives a scarlet letter A which reveals adultery as the consequence of having an affair with Reverend Dimmesdale. Hester prynne suffers horribly from the tolls of the sin with her Passion in love which gets triumph over her responsibility in puritan society. Pearl who is born with her mother's sin is recognized as symbol of adultery. Hawthorne describes pearl as living scarlet letter. Pearl’s crimson velvet dress among the plain, gray and black colors of clothing is juxtaposing to portray the deep connection between Hester’s bright and luxury decorated scarlet letter. Pearl becomes the living symbol to remind both Hester
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and Dimmesdale of their sin. Hester prynne represents woman's frailty and immorality in the town. For example, Hester's place which is abandoned cabin at the edge of the town symbolizes her state that is physically isolated from the society. Hester’s needlework reveals her as reality of sin. Because of her brilliant talent in needle work, governor, soldier and officer have worn the clothing with her needle work. However Brides are the only one who doesn’t use Hester's work. This scene reveals inappropriateness for brides to wear the clothes of Hester's hand.
            Unlike Hester prynne who has...


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