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Les Miserables 2

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The movie Les Miserables was about Jean Valjean who spent 19 years in Prison for stealing food.   9 years later he decided not only to reform himself but to also make “something” of himself.   He does just that and becomes mayor of the town.   Then Inspector Javert shows up and becomes apart of the new police force.   The conflict is that Inspector Javert was an officer at the prison Liam Neeson was located.   Well in those days you couldn’t become a political leader when previously you were a convict especially since Jean Valjean broke probation to become mayor.   Inspector Javert proposes a plan to create a census for France so that the officers will know the background of the immigrants who move there to better know the people and to control the crime.   Inspector Javert wants to denounce the mayor (Jean Valjean) and have a trial to kick him out of office for being a thief in the past but no one believes him.   At the trial of a man the police thought was Jean Valjean the real Jean Valjean admitted to him being the “real” Jean Valjean.   With that Inspector Javert tries to send Jean Valjean to prison.   While all of this occurring he was falling in love with a woman named Fantine who he fired accidently.   He didn’t know her scenario but everyone called her a “whore” because she had a “bastard” child.   Jean Valjean as the mayor saved Fantine from having to go to prison for 6 months and he let her live with him.   She grew very ill and he helped take care of her, her dying wish was for her daughter Cosette to be safe and have a good life.   So when she died Jean Valjean went and took Cosette from the bad/greedy people who were raising her.   They traveled to Paris and snuck in, they then decided to hid and live inside of the convict.   That way Inspector Javert would never find them.   Everything was going great until Cosette wants to leave the convict to live in the “regular” world.   Jean Valjean agrees and they move out into the “real” world.   Then Cosette falls in love with a...


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