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What’s the story behind how drug addictions develop? In the novel “Go Ask Alice” by Simon Pulse the main character, Alice, forms an addiction to drugs and describes her feelings in her diary. Alice is tricked into doing drugs by her friends and from that moment when she experiences the high, her life changes. After this encounter she experiences more with narcotics and soon becomes addicted. The drugs Alice uses changes the way she acts and thinks. The author develops the character, Alice, through how she acts before and after she starts to use drugs and direct comments.
      Alice’s actions in the book show how she changes when she starts to use drugs. The author develops Alice through her actions. She changes her attitude towards the world and how she reacts to different ideas. In the beginning of the book, Alice appreciates every little thing she has and she makes good choices. Every time she is surprised with good news she reacts positively.   An example of this is when Alice finds out that she can spend the summer at her Grandmas; she is thrilled and happy that she can spend time with her grandma. She goes on a diet immediately after, which tells the reader that she is trying to stay healthy. She is responsible and she tries her best at school. When she starts to do drugs she quickly forgets about everything and focuses on how she feels. She develops an addiction and does not care about anything, except drugs. Alice tries to control herself; she tries to quit but fails every time. The behavior Alice shows after she uses narcotics leads to many problems. She runs away from home, drops out of school, and leaves her family. Alice’s actions show that Alice is a different person after she started to use drugs.
      The narrator’s direct comments depict how Alice acts and thinks differently when she is on drugs. When Alice took speed, she could not control herself.
When Alice is sober she is usually a very quiet and introverted person; however the drugs she uses...


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