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The following events have all helped shape the course of Irish history in the 20th century: the Easter rising, the deployment of the troops and bloody Sunday
Which of the events has had the biggest impact on the history of the conflict in Ireland?
Ireland at first was a moderately peaceful country, however the real problems started in the 16th century and ever since Ireland has been a country of conflict. It started when the English Protestants, became fearful that the Catholic Irish people, would invade England with the help of other European countries. This caused many disruptions and disagreements as groups of loyal Protestants were ‘planted’ there and took over their land. This was a big turning point.
During their struggles to free Ireland from British rule, the Irish formed two groups’ Parliamentary Nationalists (peaceful) and Revolutionary Nationalists who were the more violent group (south). They both (Home rule) tried to gain their independence or at least their own parliament, but this proved to be unsuccessful. On the other hand on the opposing side, were the Protestant Unionists (Ulster- based in the north) who fought for Britain and Ireland to remain united. This was a turning point because there were two separate hostile communities each speaking a different language, following a different religion and living a different way of life.
The two groups were not ready to settle their differences and this led to the Easter rising in 1916. Later as a result Ireland was partitioned into two parts with the Protestants dominating the north and the Catholics taking over the south. Due to the conflict between the two groups it led to more events like the deployment of the troops in Northern Ireland which occurred in 1969. Shortly afterwards a civil right march resulted in 13 people being killed, ever since the day has been marked as ‘bloody Sunday’.
All three of the events have helped shape the course of Irish history but the big debate is which one has had...


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