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The Importance of Education

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Phylicia Dacanay
English 1A
We’ve all heard the term “Knowledge is power,” as it applies to all aspects of life. Having a good education isn’t valid without a good staff of educators, a positive school environment, and a population of young minds having the willingness to learn. I remember as a child, school was actually enjoyable to attend. I had close friends and my teachers were very informative and had a willingness to help their students grow as learners. Nowadays, schools have become more one-sided. They judge students on standardized tests and grades, which puts more pressure on the student. Schools in the United States should be teaching children not only the state standards, but by also teaching them to broaden their horizons by learning outside the grim, cold classrooms and venture them out into the real world.
The school system has not changed in the last few decades. In his essay, “School’s Out,” Daniel Pink explains that, “Most schools I’ve visited in the 21st century   look and feel exactly like the public schools in the 1970’s” (Holt, pg. 88.) When I walked through the halls of my high school when I was a freshman I could see the history of the past students, on desks, on chairs even on some old bathroom stalls, so his statement is very accurate. It seems that when everything from grocery stores to banks, to even hospitals has small differences to them, but the schools stay the same. No wonder why students feel so un-amused when they enter school. Young people in this day and age are all about technology and the social network. If schools we’re more technologically inclined students would be more interested in the subjects that they are learning.
Grades should not define what how intelligent a student is, because in honesty it couldn’t have been the students fault for doing poorly in the class, it could have been the way the class was taught. I remember my freshmen algebra one class, the class was fairly simple but the teacher was horrendous....


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