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Aticus Finch

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A hero tends to be classified as being courageous, determined, kind, and a great role model. As the American Film Institute noticed, Atticus Finch exemplifies all these characteristics and is truly a great hero. Atticus was appointed to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, who has been accused of rape. Atticus agrees to defend Tom, though at the time people were prejudice against blacks. Atticus accepting the positing of defending Tom shows how courageous he is. He also didn’t care about what others thought of him and Atticus was determined to do his job of being a lawyer despite the circumstances. When other townsfolk were rude to Atticus he was kind and ignored them, never resorting to violence, setting a very good model for his children to follow making him a hero.
Atticus Finch teaches his children, Scout and Jem, many important life lessons. He taught them to respect others and not to prejudge them. He did this through his own action of defending Tom Robinson. He also taught his children to not be violent by scolding Scout when she fought someone at school, and by not allowing his children to have guns. In the movie Atticus explains to his children that not all people have a lot of money but that does not mean you should treat them differently. He teaches his children to not judge others, and to put themselves in their place.   Atticus Finch is a real model of respect and fairness, and his children look up to him and learn from his example.
One of the most significant conflicts in Atticus’s life that truly “tested” his character was the conflict of defending Tom Robinson. The community is against Atticus defending Tom, but Atticus stands up to the community, and their racism, and he defends Tom as well as he can.   Atticus is put down numerous times throughout the movie because of the town’s prejudices by being called a “nigger lover” and such. Atticus ignores all the rude remarks made towards him and he courageously sticks to the case, and defends Tom until he...


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