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One of my most memorable day of college life was walking into the microbiology lab and placing a bacteria smear on the glass slide. It was a rush to be the first to stain the slide with the crystal violet dye for two minutes and then washing it off with iodine. Once the decolorizing was carried out for just 2 to 3 seconds, we made a beeline to flood the slide with safranin counter stain. After two minutes, we washed off the slide with water and blot the excess water dry. Then passed the slide over the Bunsen flame, to stick the bacterial smear over the slide.

You must be wondering why was I so excited to carry out bacterial staining? Well, it was not the staining that excited me, but the opportunity to open my eyes to the invisible world of microorganisms. I wanted to use the compound microscope that would give me a glimpse into the world of the tiny, invisible bacteria. I was bored of the long theory lectures on the compound microscope parts and functions. I was waiting eagerly to use the weapon of a microbiologist, "the microscope" as soon as possible. With all the exhilaration and hullabaloo in my mind, I did not pay much attention to the very important lecture on compound microscope parts and functions. The staining was perfect, the only thing that went wrong was that I was unable to give satisfactory answers to the questions related to the microscope parts and functions, when asked by the lecturer. I am sure many of you must be looking for answers about compound microscope parts and compound microscope functions, for a project or understand the microscope in detail. This article will surely help you learn more about the compound microscope parts and functions.

Parts of a Compound Microscope
A compound microscope helps in magnifying an image in two stages. It uses an objective lens that has many different powers on a turret and an eyepiece that helps in magnifying the image formed by the objective lens. The compound microscope parts are basically...


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