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To Kill a Mockingbird Childhood Memories

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Everyone has childhood memories; when we look back at them some while remind us of harsh and bad moments, while others will cause us to smile and laugh.   To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee shows that someone’s childhood experiences have a huge influence on their behavior, personality and the way they deal with others.
In the novel we see that when children misunderstand things when they are young can lead them to a wrong outlook on their surroundings.   In the beginning of the story the children, Scout, Jem, and Dill, thought that Boo Radley was a ghost and very strange after hearing that from their neighbors.   But one day Scout was waiting outside in the cold watching a fire at Miss Maudie’s house, their neighbor, and Boo Radley went from behind her putting a blanket around her shoulders while she was so into looking at the fire.   It was after this incident that Scout and Jem realized that Boo was actually a regular normal guy.

People usually thing that innocent children will be guided to the wrong path but this wasn’t the case for Scout.   At one part in the novel she started arguing with Mr. Cunningham, her friend Walter’s father, making him think differently about killing Tom Robinson. She also reminded him about how her father, Atticus, once helped him out with legal work.   After all her smart talking she made Mr. Cunningham embarrassed forcing him to just leave the jail instead of killing Tom Robinson.

Scout and Jem went through many obstacles in their lives creating them into young responsible and bright adults.   They learned not to just judge people by what they hear but to learn and find out the truth.   This shows us that misunderstanding things may bring a child wrong outlooks but it also shows that it’s those kinds of experiences that teach them to solve problems through time.


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