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Technology Ultimately Separates and Alienates People More Than It Serves to Bring Them Together

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1. Technology ultimately separates and alienates people more than it serves to bring them together
What was the raise hope of our ancestors and not only, starting from so called “homo sapient” to “people from this epoch”? I think everyone knows that the most important characteristic which distinct the man to others forms of life is the sociability.   This is the key of our existence without which we couldn’t unlock the harmony of living together between two or more persons.   It helps us to make the biggest ecosystem in this world in which one we are just some extras, everyone with his role and without someone’s involvement we couldn’t speak more about an entire ecosystem.
In this case, from necessity of “keep in touch” people have discovered and have developed a wide range of ways to bring people together. Unfortunately, this thirst of near, has arrived in an extreme point and instead of approaching them, it produces a bodily separation, unimportant at first, but decisive after. The technology we’re talking about had started with the telephone. People became accustomed with this way of communication and found it useful because they could speak to other people far away from them easily than before.
This wasn’t enough and they thought that machinery which could make people communicates easily, including seeing each other and listening to each other would be a brilliant idea. And so it is. Besides its role in enlightenment, the computer makes people speaking more and making the separation being invisible at first sigh. This apparent idea has transformed step by step in a barrier hard to pass. People forgot speaking face to face, the more important thing. They find it easier to tell “forgive me” or “I love you” by sending a message and not telling them this looking in their eyes. Nothing compares with the body language when we speak about feelings and emotions and nothing compares with a real handshake or a big hug. People also forgot being creative so they prefer...


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