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Significance of English Language in the Field of Advertising

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We are living in an era of knowledge explosion in which advertising seems to be an
indispensable building block of the media. Many young people want   to enter this field because
it provides an opportunity to exercise their latent creative talent. The opportunities that the
profession offers are more varied and creatively   more challenging in a wider sense of the term.
'Creative' - according to the Oxford dictionary means   "Creating; able to create; inventive;
imaginative; showing imagination as well as native skill". In advertising one has a diverse
range of jobs to choose from, to suit one's inclination, talent and personality. And advertising is
itself communication link between the product or service and the consumer; hence, between the
producer and the consumer. The media of course would include newspapers and magazines, radio,
television, posters and everything that can be used to inform the customer about the product or service.
                      As a form of mass communication closely linked with the world of commerce and
marketing, advertising is a powerful tool for the flow of information from the seller to the buyer.
It influences and persuades people to act or believe. It is also something which affects most of us
in a number of different spheres of our lives. It not only influences any human society but also
reflects certain aspects of that society’s values and structure. There are many special and specific
reasons for using advertising in its several forms. Announcing a new product or service,
expanding the market to new buyers, announcing a modification or a price change, educating
customers, challenging competition, recruiting of staff and attracting investors are a few of such
reasons. In the process of creating advertisements for all these reasons, language, i.e., choice of
expression is of crucial importance.

                  A career in advertisement is quite alluring and at...


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