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Organic Food Is a Waste of Money

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Ellis Reilly
Organic Food Is a Waste of Money.

Sales of organic foods has gone up by 20% in the past decade. The reason? Growth hormones for cows, pesticides on fresh produce and antibiotics for poultry. But whether organic chickens and organic apples particularly represent "healthy eating" has been subject to debate for years. Organic foods have never actually been scientifically proven to be any healthier or any more nutritious than ordinary foods, the only difference is the substantial price tag that comes with the organic produce. Ironically, most people who buy organic foods do so because they are worried about the "unsafe" chemicals used on normal food, however, test show that organic food isnt actually any safer than its ordinary counterpart. Others argue that going organic is the "ethical" thing to do, although this is rejected by many others, who claim that jumping on the organic bandwagon is more about snobbery than saving the planet.
Although everone has seen the word "organic" dotted around their local supermarket, not everone understands what's behind the notorious green label. In food production lingo, "organic" refers to the regulations which replace artificial additives like pesticides which natural substances or alternative techniques. For meat, the animals must be raised without the aid of growth hormones or antibiotics, and they must be fed a strict natural diet. Organic foods are riding a surge of popularity, with the organic food industry worth as much as £15 million in the UK in 2009, and where consumers go, companies follow. Everyone from Kraft to Coca Cola has jumped on the organic bandwagon in some way, shape or form. However, is this new belief in going organic due to faith or fact? The truth is that the mass migration to organic foods is definitely not down to hard scientific evidence. Infact, one would have their work cut out if they wanted to find any actual evidence that supports the view that organic food is better for us, or...


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