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Social Policy

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According to Bynoe (1998), implementation is the process of putting into affect or carrying out an authoritive decision of government as opposed to formulating them. Such decisions are enacted by a legislative body.  
Implementation also puts the objectives of policies into action in order to accomplish desired results. Therefore, implementation can be seen as making a policy happen. This suggests that although policy formulation and adaption are necessary tools, implementation adds sufficiency.
Although this sounds simple, decades of research on policy implementation show that there are complexities of putting policies into action as Bynoe (1998) suggests that policy implementation can still encounter pitfalls when there is inability of principles to formulate clear policy outcomes or to adequately supervise an implementation for desired results.

They are also likely to remain vulnerable in respect of further organisational and management changes that may be on the horizon for example,   regional government, according to Bennett (2000) effecting sustainable policy implementation will become a challenge for both national policy-makers and those locally who have been charged with securing change.

The following essay will aim to discuss the implementation of the Children Act (1989) by discussing the background of the act as well as the outcomes for children who are placed in foster care and the role of social workers and the barriers they face when they attempt to follow legislation.

The Children Act 1989 described by the then Lord Chancellor as " the most comprehensive and far-reaching reform of child law which has come before Parliament in living memory" brought together the public and private law provisions for the first time. (Robson, 1993)
Implemented on 14th Oct 1991, the principle of the Children Act (1989) was to compose changes concerning the wellbeing of children in England and Wales. Although one of the key principles of the act was that...


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