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The Arab Minority in American Society

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The Arab Minority in American Society
Hassan Elkatawneh
Professor: Trent Nguyen
December 20, 2010

Stereotypes and challenges facing the Arab minority in American society. Most of the minorities in American society and are absorbed less than the gap between them and the community, but the Arab minority, facing a fierce media campaign to prevent the absorption and melting in the community. Because of the continuous media incitement, and there we will look at examples in these papers

The Arab Minority in American Society

Few U.S. media is subjected to the transfer of photo realism to the Arabs in the media. And stay away from stereotypes. Western man to look for the Arab Bedouin, he rode back and live in a tent pitched in the shadow of the Sphinx, he has four wives and an army of slaves, and if it gets a fly on his nose and pulls his sword, shouting "Allah Akbar.
It may seem a caricature of some sort, but - unfortunately - a highly available in a lot of
Americans, many of the stereotypes surface naive about the Arabs, and the other in general. Some Arabs have problems with the film Aladdin. Although in many respects charming, technically impressive, and one of the few American films feature the Arab hero or heroine, a closer look reveals some exciting features for concern.
When American children hear the word "Arab" What is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps the imagery of Disney's Nights' fantasy film Aladdin, a film that is immensely popular in theaters and on video and appears in some cases, the school classroom.
Characters in the film cause the light-skinned, Aladdin and Jasmine, the Anglo-American accents. This is in contract to the other characters, who are dark-skinned, and despicable, cruel dark palace guards or greedy merchants with Arabic accents and grotesque facial features.
Stereotype of the Arab man

And thus distinguishes this film immediately in the Arab world as alien, exotic, and "other.”...


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