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Role of Youth in Achieving Millenium Development Goals

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The Role of Youth in Achieving Millennium Development Goals

This new millennium started with the advent of the year 2000, and it motivated mankind to wonder and ponder over its purpose, existence, and progress. The dawn of this millennium has come with a plethora of hopes and expectations. The cardinal millennium development goals are economic growth, equality before law, and international peace. The youth has the most vital rote in achieving these goals   as young people are full of energy, dedication, and innovation.

Human beings live for a purpose and die for it. This adage is most suitable for youth because it can make this planet a peaceful and enchanting wonder of nature and comfort if it focuses   towards   international peace through economic progress. All this will be possible if our youth becomes economically independent for launching this holy and peaceful crusade. The greatest example for launching and succeeding in this crusade can be the life of Mahatma Gandhi as explained here in this article.

“ Had it not been for Mahatma Gandhi, I would not have been here before this august gathering of Indian Parliamentarians,” said the youthful and ever-cheerful President of the United States of America when he visited India. Gandhiji never promised anything of global magnitude, but he always tackled local issues. He would collect facts of a matter, study them, prepare his case, and approach various authorities for the solution of his vision. The facilities of collecting facts, compiling them, storing, them, and processing them were minimal. Still Gandhiji launched the greatest war in our history for equality, justice, and freedom very systematically and peacefully.

But Gandhiji was successful because first of all he achieved economic independence for himself through his hard work and dedication. Education is vital, but equally vital is the matter of acquiring some vocational training. Academic qualification along with some vocational training will...


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