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Students Should Be Required to Take Regular Standardized Tests to Prove They Are Learning.

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Students should be required to take regular standardized tests to prove they are learning.

I believe that students should be required to take standardized tests to prove they are learning. These tests considered to be a standardized school program and it surely leads to students knowledge improvement.

Firstly standardized tests make students revise the material. I think so because sometimes while making out with a test question students have to manage with points they don’t remember enough. But if they read questions and then answers on them students can revise the material and make a right choice as they remember things they have been told.

Additionally, tests are supposed to be helpful for logical thinking. In mu point of view when students don’t know the right choice they are able to carry out with test. It is so because some questions may contain the answers or the following question may be the answer on the previous. In that way students have to think logically.

One more reason I agree that tests should be taken by students is that such work as choosing answers helps students to prepare for exams. Exams are supposed to be in a form as a test and students will easily orientate how they should do this work.

Another reason agrees is that standardized tests teach students to make right decision. In some way it proves students that sometimes it is better to rely on your intuition. However in some cases you can make a right choice by eliminating wrong answers. Thus I consider these tests to be like an exercise for checking if you trust yourself or not.

To sum up students should be required to take tests to prove that they are learning. I think even if they don’t prove their knowledge students will be able to learn something new and won’t make a mistake next time.

So tests are considered to be useful work for students and also such work allows teachers to find out student’s weak points.


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