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Usaf Corporate Strategies

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United States Air Force Corporate Strategies
Many people may not look at the United States Air Force as a major corporation, however, with the combined military and civilian force we have over 500K civilian and military employees and over 1.5M total Department of Defense combined employees. Well, we are one of the world’s largest organizations in comparison to other industries, and its continual improvement processes and training programs are one of the worlds best. Since the inception of the Air Force, 62 years ago, the Air Force has undergone many changes within its service and has taken a corporate organizational structure approach and a continual improvement process to keep everyone engaged in changes. We even initiated incentives to pay for innovative ideas, up to $10K, depending on the cost savings. Within the last ten years the Air Force has undergone many changes due to the transition from a Cold War era to the current War on Terrorism.   More recently, the Air Force has faced cost and personnel reductions due to the economic strains and congressional initiatives to reduce spending, cut cost and waste on its installations and become more environmental friendly. These changes have driven not only cultural changes, but also has driven a need to do more with less and be more places, taking on new challenges, and working in different locations with high demands and low assets and less personnel. As the President has asked of the private sectors to cut back where necessary and to increase conservative awareness, he has also initiated strategies for better practices and cost saving procedures within his own organizations. As we increase our technologies and forge into the twenty first century, we need to focus on better utilizing our resources and look for best practices and at the same time strive to be more efficient and effective in the utilization of our resources while becoming a more agile and diverse...


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