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Imagine a world full of people, individuals who do not know each other, everybody busy with their own work, mechanically going through their daily routines. Would it be fun to be a part of this world? Whether we like it or not, all of us are just a stone’s throw away from it, we are already going through the motions of social withdrawal. With the advancement of technology, the need to have friends, companions, to be with near and dear ones, to be in knowledge of one’s neighbours is no longer there. The only friends people find themselves with all the time is Technology – be it in the form of a Cell Phone, a Computer; in the case of children we always find them glued to Video Games – and Money.

Social life as we knew not so long ago is on the verge of vanishing from our lives. People have started reclining into themselves; they do not entertain the thought of interacting with people. All like to be within themselves; spending time alone over the internet browsing obscure websites no one might have heard of. Rather than interacting with neighbors and people in their neighborhood, people like to just look up the internet and find the information they are looking for. To think of it, the Internet has made life so easy; you do not depend on anyone, you get all the information at your desk, but at what price? Isn’t it killing the society? Isn’t it killing the concept of Community Living, where people knew each other so well, they cared for each other, showed concern towards each other’s problems? It was like an extended family before. Now, there is a question on the existence of one’s own family. Separation is in vogue. Families are becoming nuclear. Husbands are getting separated from their wives demolishing the Institution of Marriage. Why? Spouses do not get time to spend with each other since they are busy browsing the internet, checking their “emails”. Children no longer feel comfortable staying with their parents, and they do not feel any kind of attachment...


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