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The Happy Prince

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The Happy Prince Retold by: Elissa Grodin Illustrator: Laura Stutzman Guide written by Michael Shoulders
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The Happy Prince by Elissa Grodin
“This statue is known as The Happy Prince, for during his lifetime the prince was the finest of men.”

Prereading Activities: a. Create a concept map with the students for the idea of kindness.
When are people kind?

How are people kind?


Name some kind people.

b. Introduce vocabulary: Pedestal, Annoyed, Mesmerized, Pry, Leaden After a discussion of each word, divide students into groups of three or four and have them complete a vocabulary activity sheet for one of the words, sharing when complete.

Describe in your own words the meaning of the word.

Draw a picture to illustrate the word’s meaning.

Write a synonym or antonym for the word.

Use the word in a complete sentence.

During Reading Activity: Utilize a “Think, Pair, Share” strategy as the readers come to each of the following sentences. Decide what the bolded word means by focusing on the context of the word in the passage. Have students write a one-word synonym describing the meaning of the word and share with a partner. Then have partners share with the class and come to consensus on the definition.
1. He flew for many hours, and decided to stop overnight in the Great City to rest. Swallow circled high about the dreary-looking city, keeping an eye out for a suitable place to roost for the night. 2. The swallow plucked the ruby from the center of the Prince’s crown. He flew across the city over rooftops and along narrow streets. He found the shabby gray house and flew in through the kitchen window. He placed the jewel on the wooden table. 3. But the Prince looked rather pitiful with a big hole in his...


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