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Timeline: a Nuclear World

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Timeline: A Nuclear World
1939 - 1963

Einstein proposes developing an atomic bomb United States drops atomic bombs on Japan U.S.S. Nautilus travels under the polar ice cap
1939 1945, August 1958

1945, July 1954 1963
United States tests an atomic bomb First civilian nuclear electric plant Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed

1939, Einstein proposes developing an atomic bomb
In July of 1939, Albert Einstein was contacted by Leó Szilárd, a Hungarian born physicist, regarding recent breakthroughs in nuclear chain reactions. Leó concluded that this new technology could serve as a fuel for a new and powerful type of weaponry called the nuclear bomb.   Szilárd and Einstein felt that it was imperative for the United States to take advantage of this new technology before the Nazi Germans created a nuclear weapon of their own.   With the advice of others, Albert and Leó decided to compose a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt warning him of the consequences of this new technology if it were to fall in the wrong hands. After communicating via mail and telephone, a final draft of the letter was signed on August 2, 1939.   The letter was not delivered to President Roosevelt for nearly a month, although he did react quickly by establishing the S-1 Uranium Committee in October of 1939. This committee later became the Manhattan Project.

1945, July: United States tests an atomic bomb
The Manhattan Project started off as a small research group but quickly expanded into a well organized, nation wide project.   It is estimated that over 130,000 people had been involved and over two billion dollars were spent on the project.   On July 16, 1945, the efforts of the Manhattan Project were tested the desert of New Mexico.   Code named Trinity, an implosion-type plutonium devise was suspended in a tower one hundred feet above ground to simulate the effects of being dropped by an airplane.   The test weapon was scheduled for detonation at 4:00 a.m....


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