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India Relation with Neighbouring

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India relation with neighbouring
Terrorism is the biggest threat to the peace of Indian people. It creates fear among the people of all walks of life. It raises questions about the security and safety of the citizens. Terrorism exists in various forms in India. The two main Terrorist outfits active today are the Terrorists linking to the extremist islamic groups such as the Al-qaeda, and the second one is the naxalites that has become quite active in the present year.
Kashmir is one of the main reason in rise of terrorism in our country, on its name some of the countries are creating havoc in our country with name of terrorism, as they are unable to bear the development progress India has gained in recent years
I beg to differ from the view that terrorism exist in mainly two forms that is islamic or naxalites. Rajiv ghandhi was killed by LTTE. They do not belong to either islamic or naxalites.

Political leader like raj thakrey in mumbai also spread violence and they are not less than terrorist. govt of india should deal with all forms of terrorist hardly.
Terrorism may not always have its roots within a specific group or community. The main cause may lie in the hearts of those who terrorize, if they fear subjection or submission to a rule that is not their own! They are made to believe, what they are doing is right.

In order to remove any kind of terrorism the masses need to be educated with human values. No matter how strong a terrorist group may be, it will stand only as long as it has supporters. And if one is observant, they would easily arrive at the conclusion that most of the supporters come from an uneducated or traditional family background.

Teaching the people about the importance of making right decisions in both their personal and their social lives and also teaching the people the importance of a fellow human being's life will give them a consciousness of WHY THEY SHOULD NOT SAY YES TO HURTING OTHER PEOPLE for something they themselves...


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