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Weimar Germany

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"The Weimar Republic was a victim of political chaos and economic failure." discuss.
During 1919 The Weimar Republic was in a state of disrepair after the First World War. Wilhelm II, the Kaiser of Germany fled after the defeat they suffered during the war. The leaders of the army Hindenburg and Ludendorff also handed the control of the army over to chancellor, Prince Max of Baden. Prince Max passed a number of reforms to help improve the state of the new republic. Prince Max gave all control to the Provisional Government lead by the socialist, Friedrich Ebert. As the Kaiser has fled and both leaders of the German army had stood down, they were now seen as the heroes and all of the blame for the loss of the war was placed with Prince Max and Freidrich Ebert. During this time extremist parties took advantage of the weakness of the republic. Both left and right-wing extremists targetted the new government. The most serious of these was the Spatacist League uprising in January 1919. Even though there was a large amount of political uproar across Weimar Germany, they also enjoyed a limitied period of prosperity.
After the Novemember Revolution of 1918 Germany was in a state of termoil and something had to be done. The Kaiser had now fled and Friedrich Ebert was now the head of the government, this was the first sign of a republic being formed. Most of the German public, however felt that a republic is not want was needed and refused to back Ebert while he tried to generate the power Germany once held. The population also blamed Ebert for the heavy defeat suffered during the war, which also created more hatred for him and his ideas to improve the state The Weimar Republic was now in. This added to the political problems that would effect Weimar, if nobody wanted it; nobody was going to support it. It was doomed for failure from the very beginning.
The Weimar republic government suffered from both revolutions from above and below. The revolution from above...


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