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The Purpose of Pre-Production

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The purpose of pre-production.
Shamim Kisakye.

Before a production becomes a final piece there are three steps that must done; Pre- production, production and Postproduction. All individually important to the next.

What is pre-production?
The process of preparing and planning before actual production begins; specif., the choosing of locations, casting of actors, revision of the script, etc. before the actual shooting of a film.

Essentially before you go ahead and decide to create a production of some sort, you have a general idea. During the pre-production phase, a mere idea becomes a closer reality. As the script is annotated, edited until it becomes a final piece. Then from this it becomes clear of what cast you’ll require to be on screen as well as the people behind the scenes. Important jobs such as:
The director is primarily responsible for the storytelling (with the writer), creative decisions and acting of the film.
    ■ The assistant director, the casting director, the location manager.
  The production manager, The director of photography (DoP), The production sound mixer Director, DoA, DoP, and First AD, The sound designer, The composer, The production designer, The art director, The costume designer, The make up and hair designer , The storyboard artist , The choreographer.
And possibly several others hired depending on the actual production. Once all actors and production teams are selected costume designers get busy, set designers start building, the script is broken down into individual scenes by location and casting arrangements, an extremely detailed schedule is produced, locations are scouted and contracted, a process which could take 3 - 8 months, completely dependant on what exactly is being planned.

Once everything is planned and all in order, the actual production process can start. Its crucial, the planning during pre-production happens because when dealing with a huge production with a cast and team of hundreds it will be...


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