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Make Mumbai Special

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Ek guni nay yeh gun keena,
Hariyal pinjray mein dedeena;
Dekho jadoogar ka kamaal,
Daalay hara, nikaalay laal.One trickster performed this trick,
Inserted a (green) parrot into the cage;
Oh, what an act the sorcerer shows,
Puts in green, takes out red !
Answer |
Bheetar chilmun, baahar chilmun, beech kaleja dhadkay,
Amir Khusrau yun kahay woh do do ungal sarkay.A screen inside, a screen outside, a pounding heart in between,
Says Amir Khusrau, its moving inch by inch.
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Ujjal ateet moti barani, paayi kabnt diyay moye dharani,
Jahaan dhari wahan nahin paayi, haat bajaar sabhay dhoondh aayi;
Aye sakhi ab keejay ka? Pi maangay to deejay kya?He found some beautiful, sparkling pearls, 
and gave them to me to keep,
But alas, I can’t find them now where I kept,
Have searched every corner, even in the bazaar;
What to do, Oh my friend?
What will I give, when the beloved asks?
Answer | |
Apnay samaye mein ek naar aaye,
Tuk dekhay aur phir chhup jaaye;
Mohey achambha aawat aisay,
Jal mein agni basat hay kaisay.Sometimes I see a woman,
She peeps in and then disappears.
I get amazed – 
How can water contain such fire in it?
(Note the double meaning of the word naar - 
in Hindvi, a woman and in Persian/Arabic: fire)
Answer |
Ek purukh hay sunder moorat, jo dekhay woh usi ki soorat;
Fikr paheli paayi na, boojhan laaga aayi na.This fellow is beautiful like an idol, 
whoever sees him, looks like him;
Haven’t understood this riddle, 
am guessing but can’t figure out.
(Note: The last two words aayi na have the answer in them.)
Answer |
Bani rangeeli sharam ki baat, bay mausam aayi barsaat ;
Yehi achambha mujh ko aaye, khushi ke din kyon roti jaaye.All dressed up colourfully, a little shy; but a rain without the season,
This is what baffles me, what makes her cry on a happy day?
Answer |
Gupt ghao tan main lagyo aur jiya rahat bechayn,
Okhad khaaye dukh badhey, so...


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